Have a few questions? We have the answers!

Here are some inquiries that you may ask when applying for a business funding.

General Questions

What are the basic requirements?

1 year in business, in the US, personal credit score of 500 Annual revenue of 100K. Where Banks say no we SAY YES!

What is the application process?

We actually want to help not like banks finding reasons not to help! We are fast in 24 hours we can approve your business. Fast Funding, Values Cash Flow, Not Credit Score, Builds Business Credit for your company Minimal paper work Transparent Rates and fees. 3 months of bank statements, State Drivers License or State ID, Tax ID # and years in business gets your business started.

Working With Our Team

How do you determine how much cash someone gets?

Our Minimum qualifications are less intense than banks. We focus on getting your business approved! We look at your last 4 months of business receivables, and how much money your need is how we determined your loan amount.

What type of businesses do you work with?

At Ameri Dream Capital  we work with over 725 different types of business. Restaurants, Construction, Marketing, Retail, you name it we can help!

How quickly will I receive my funding?

Most fundings are completed and money your business account within 48 hours.